In1988 AgrumiGel s.n.c. was founded as a citrus fruit processing company,processingblood oranges, blonde oranges, lemons, mandarins, bergamots and pink grapefruit, from organic and conventional farms, but all exclusively Sicilian.

The full range of products includes: nfc juices, concentrated juices, clear and cloudy juices, cold extracted essential oils.

From the processing of wastes, for example peel, dried peel for cattle feed is produced, as well as dried peel for pectin extraction.
The company is provided with very modern equipmentin order to respond to any demand of the market, giving its customers semiprocessed products such as: pulp wash, pulp, cells and puree.

AgrumiGel activity can be traced back to early '900, when the great grandfather of the current owner started the business of essential oil extraction.

The company policy focuses on three main targets: Quality, Environment and Customers' satisfaction.

The company has a qualified staff and a HACCP based self control system which guarantees theproduct safety.

Thanks toits internal laboratory and the experience of all staff, each production step is constantly monitored and regular laboratory tests are carried out on product samples.

In order to supply high quality products and to provide a full product traceability, AgrumiGel has established very solid and long lasting business relationships with its raw materialsuppliers.

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