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Pectin is a vegetagle substance extracted from citrus fruit pulp, mainly from citrus fruit peel.

In food industry pectin can be used in powder or liquid (concentrated extract), as for example in jams.

Pectin is also used in pharmaceutical industry.

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How is dried peel for pectin produced?

The parts of citrus fruit richest in pectin are albedo and core. Pectin is produced from fresh peel coming directly from juice extractors. At first peels are chopped in a hammer mill and then washed. Once washing is over, peels are press through an hydraulic press and from there they are sent to a rotary drying kiln. Once peel is dried, it is pressed inside natural fiber bags and packaged.


Discovered in 1825 by Braconnot, pectin is the main component of fruit, in which it is contained as protopectin.

In acid solutions (usually citric acid) and together with sucrose, pectin forms jellies. This property makes it particularly suitable and largely used in food industry (jelling agent, emulsifiers, stabilizers) and pharmaceutical industry (anti-diarrhoea medicines, hemostatic medicines).

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